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Hiring Decision - Free Decision-Making Tool

Improve the quality of your hires, run better interviews, reduce “wrong hires” and protect yourself from lawsuits.

It’s the people in your organization that get things done. With the right people, the sky’s the limit. Hiring the wrong people costs a lot of money ($20k-$50 per wrong hire) so it’s worth taking a little time to structure the hiring decision.

To let you do this quickly and simply, this TransparentChoice micro-app lets you:

  • Capture your organization’s business goals as a set of criteria

  • Score your candidates against those criteria

  • Identify which candidate is the best fit both for your role and your organization

Our micro-apps are spun off from our enterprise products. If you like the idea of these apps, but you need more capacity, collaboration tools or more analytics, why not visit our enterprise product pages.

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