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Portfolio Kanban (micro-app)

Spreadsheets are great, but they are not the right tool to collect and process project requests.

TransparentChoice launched a FREE online tool that allows you to collect project requests online and to manage the evaluation and approval process through a simple drag-and-drop Kanban.

Our goal is to save you time and money by freeing you from tedious admin. Our free online project portfolio Kanban lets you;

  • Reduce the handling time of project requests

  • Eliminate the administrative work of aggregating project demand

  • Manage the collection of data as your projects progress through the evaluation process

  • See how many projects you have at each stage of the pipeline


Portfolio Kanban Features


Our micro-apps are spun off from our enterprise products. If you like the idea of these apps, but you need more capacity, collaboration tools or more analytics, why not visit our enterprise product pages.

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