Free eBook: Budgeting Doesn't Have to Suck

The budgeting process is a pain.It's political. It's messy. It's complex. It's unclear.

But it doesn't have to be like this. In this 17 page eBook, you will;

  • Learn how transparent and clear priorities can transform your budgeting process
  • Discover 5 key challenges that destroy effective budgeting
  • Identify key tools and technologies that can help you define and publish your budgeting priorities.

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Free Webinars and Podcasts

Learn more about project prioritization, strategic alignment and PMO best practices.

  1. How to turn-around failing Projects and Portfolios? by Amanda Oakenfull

  2. Value-based Project Prioritization: Getting Started by Dr. James Brown

  3. How to transform project portfolio performance by Mike Hannan

  4. Why AHP-based project prioritization is different by Stuart Easton

  5. Why strategic alignment matters by Stuart Easton

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