Navsoft Consulting

navsoft-consulting.png Navsoft Consulting is a collective bring together leading practitioners across many business disciplines, we are lean from our bootstraps. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

The heart of our business is a ‘collective’ operating model based on the DNA of a Swedish company called Crisp.

Being a collective allows us to attract diverse people who are ‘the’ specialist in their respective areas. This means we can offer our clients an end-to-end solution, and deliver work of varying size and complexity.

Our core service offerings where we reduce risk and deliver value are;

  • Portfolio demand and Optimisation SAAS solutions
  • Generating up to 40% savings by Identifying those projects that add the most value
  • Digital Transformation advice and support
  • Free online digital maturity audit, tailored digital roadmap
  • Delivery Services
  • Recovery and turnaround specialists, audit and advise
  • Temporary resources to fill those gaps, a pool of diverse industry specialists to compliment your workforce
  • Australian based Technical test resources, supporting organisations that have experienced a low NPS and increased costs, by outsourcing to offshore services, we get it right the first time.





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