Agile Roadmaps Sorted!


Moving to agile can really speed up development cycles, but it can also be a bit of a free-for-all, especially in the area of prioritizing the backlog and putting together a meaningful roadmap.

With Prioritize Agile, all stakeholders have a say in the prioritization of backlog items. It's structured. It's collaborative.

The result is a clear roadmap, one that supports your business goals, balances the needs of the technical teams and that everyone supports.

Who Can Benefit From Prioritize Agile?
Product ownwer
Product Owner / Product Manager

“I’m no longer the ball in a game of political football. I have the tools to gather everyone’s input and to align our roadmap to our business goals. Stakeholders know what's going on and delivery teams always know what to work on.”

Agile team 2
Agile Delivery Team

“Finally I feel like my input matters. We have a structured way to discuss constraints like technical debt with the business and we agree crystal clear priorities which allows us to plan more effective sprints.”

young business people - 2-1
Business Stakeholders

“I now have a voice in defining the roadmap and feel that my needs are being taken into account. I can see which features are going to be delivered and when which lets me make appropriate plans.”

Business 2
System Integrators and Consultants

“We collaborate with our customer-stakeholders to create a clear set of goals and to determine what’s in and what’s out. This helps reduce the risk in my projects so I ultimately end up with happier customers.”

Seamless integration

Sign in using your JIRA account or any other tool to import your list of issues (stories, tasks, epics) and teams. Export your prioritized tasks back to your platform so you can start sprinting!

backlog- JiRA

Define your goals 

Templates and an extensive library of goals make it quick and simple for your stakeholders to suggest and vote on the goals that matter for your project.

Set Priorities

PrioritizeAgile gives you a quick and collaborative way to define the importance of your different business or technical goals so that they can be used to score the items on your backlog.

When your priorities shift, you can respond immediately simply by adjusting your prioritised goals.

goals -

Discuss and Score Items

Stakeholders can score backlog items against your goals. Everyone has a voice. The product owner can see who’s voted, identify where there is agreement and can quickly resolve disagreements. The result? Transparent scores that represent the opinion of your stakeholders.

Manage Risk

Let your stakeholders quickly assess backlog items’ risk. They can assess both the likelihood of a problem as well as its likely impact. This allows the product owner to quickly identify risky items and to balance the overall risk within the roadmap.

Voting result

Incorporate Customer Satisfaction Data

Stakeholders can  use industry standard Kano analysis to assess the importance of their backlog items for customer satisfaction. This helps you deliver a roadmap that will generate delighted customers.

Define and Publish Roadmap

Quickly assemble releases based on the value of backlog items, themes or epics. Collect feedback from stakeholders on your what-if scenarios and avoid surprises  by keeping everyone informed as the roadmap evolves.


Demo: How to prioritize your agile project backlog?

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