Dear Project Manager,

As a project manager, you are responsible for delivering a successful project, but there are many forces that conspire to prevent you.

Lack of resources, poor executive engagement, scope creep, weak governance and poor alignment with strategy are all common causes of project failure yet all of these causes of project failure can be traced back to strategic alignment.

Project failure fishbone

Having a clear picture of how your project is aligned to strategic goals helps you in a number of ways:

  • If your project is strategically important, your executive sponsor will stay more engaged

  • Ensure project resources are focused on delivering those goals

  • Prioritize scope changes based on their alignment with strategic goals

  • Present questions at governance meetings that are focused around your ability to move forward towards your strategic goal

Unfortunately, most organizations do a poor job of documenting, or even of evaluating, how projects support their strategy.

TransparentChoice can change this by:

  • Building agreement between your stakeholders about what your strategic priorities really are and by sharing those with all delivery team members

  • Using these priorities to measure the alignment of your features and functionality

  • Using the alignment score for each piece of functionality to support more effective scope decisions

Since strategic alignment is usually something measured at the portfolio level, your first step might be to engage your PMO or EPMO in a discussion.