Dear Resource Manager,

There’s a queue of people at your desk. They all want the same thing - your resources. And they all want them… now!

How do you allocate resources in a way that is fair and that supports the goals of your organization? How do you do that without a political hailstorm coming down on your head?

The answer is to use TransparentChoice to measure the strategic alignment of all your programs and projects and to use that alignment score to guide your resource allocation decisions.

TransparentChoice can help you by:

  • Building agreement between your stakeholders about what your strategic priorities really are

  • Using these priorities to measure the alignment of your projects, initiatives and programs

  • Using the alignment score for each project to support more effective resource allocation decisions

  • Making the process transparent and rational

  • Reducing the political pressure that surrounds resource allocation

Since strategic alignment is usually something measured at the portfolio level, your first step might be to engage your PMO or EPMO in a discussion.