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The affordable way to enable collaborative decision-making!

TransparentChoice's AHP software structures your decisions, enables collaboration and can be used to make various decisions.

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Why use AHP for decision-making?

AHP structures your decisions, enables collaboration and can be used to make various decisions

Structured Decisions

AHP allows you to structure your decision into a step-by-step process. This means that instead of working on vague decisions you work on a few well-defined tasks.

Enables Collaboration

AHP by TransparentChoice lets you collaborate with geographically dispersed colleagues and assign tasks to people with specific expertise. This improves decision quality and buy-in.

Variety of Applications

AHP is ideal for many different types of decisions. In fact, AHP from TransparentChoice makes the whole process so simple you can make it part of your everyday culture.

Number of evaluators

An evaluator is someone who can vote in your decision. They can vote on criteria weights and can evaluate your alternatives.

Number of alternatives

Alternatives are the things you’re choosing between. Vendors, projects, R&D programs, warehouse sites, technology options are all examples of alternatives in TransparentChoice.

Number of criteria

Criteria represent the goals and drivers of your decision. If you’re selecting a car, they might be things like performance, handling, comfort and fuel consumption.

Ranking chart

This chart shows both the ranking based on the weighted scores for your alternatives. It also shows how much each criterion has contributed to those ranks.

Radar chart

This chart shows the score each alternative achieved against the criteria. These unweighted scores and let you see where each alternative is strong… and weak!

Bubble chart

The bubble chart lets you chart your alternatives against two criteria at once (e.g. score vs. risk) and lets you set a third variable as the bubble size (e.g. cost).

Sensitivity analysis

This chart shows how sensitive your decision outcome is to changes in criterion weights. This is useful if you have uncertainty in some of your assumptions.

Enterprise features

There are many features only available in the Enterprise edition of our product. These features include a Kanban to allow you to manage different stages of evaluation, the ability to use external data and to capture non-AHP attributes, the ability to use attributes to score against criteria, real-time criterion-weighting meetings, real-time alternative scoring meetings, the ability to assign weights to different evaluators, online forms for collecting attribute data and more.