For PMOs who deliver value:

More Successful Projects
Eliminate Waste
Strategic Alignment

Not a PMO?

Strategic portfolio planning is a critical part of delivering successful projects yet PMO leaders often struggle due to a lack of tools. 

TransparentChoice's portfolio planning software provides strategic alignment, identifies waste and helps you deliver more successful projects.

Our software is based on 40 years' of decision science research and complements your existing PPM tools.

Projects that are aligned to strategy are;
57% more likely to achieve business goals
50% more likely to finish on time
45% more likely to finish on budget
Be more efficient with our demand manager
Demand Manager makes your life easier by moving your entire demand management online. Save time and money!

How to increase Project success rates

Drive strategic alignment through our project prioritizer
Project prioritizer enables you to identify low value projects and eliminate pet projects.     Align your projects with strategy and deliver more value!


Transform Your Portfolio Management Process with TransparentChoice
Optimize and balance your portfolio with our optimizer
 Portfolio Optimizer lets you select only those projects that deliver value. Optimize your portfolio. Maximize value within budget and available resources! 

Why AHP based Prioritization is different