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TransparentChoice helps organizations measure and understand how their projects (live and potential) support their strategic goals. This leads to better decisions about projects and resources, decisions with stronger buy-in, helping them deliver more value from their portfolio.

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Strategically aligning your portfolio is a critical part of delivering value, yet organizations often struggle with delivering alignment due to a lack of tools.

TransparentChoice's software provides strategic alignment, identifies waste and helps you deliver more successful projects.

Our software is based on 40 years' of decision science research and complements your existing PPM tools.


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Projects that are aligned to strategy are:
57% more likely to achieve business goals
50% more likely to finish on time
45% more likely to finish on budget
Too many projects and resource scarcity? 
TransparentChoice uses decision-science driven approach to pick the right projects and eliminate pet projects. Watch this video to learn more.     


Prioritize projects and keep your portfolio strategically aligned with TransparentChoice

Project Prioritization

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