Decision-making apps that boost productivity!

TransparentChoice Decision-Making Software

TransparentChoice makes your decisions better, quicker and more transparent. Our suite of personal, team and enterprise decision-making apps support all your key decisions online, in one place.

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All decision-making apps in a single place

Analytic Hierarchy Process

AHP is a powerful decision tool used by top-organizations worldwide. TransparentChoice makes AHP more affordable and easier-to-use.

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Portfolio Kanban

Eliminate spreadsheets from your project request process. Save time by moving the project request and project documentation process online.

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Project prioritization

Intended for use by small portfolio managers, this app lets you identify the projects that add the most value.

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Vendor selection

Pick vendors that will add the most value, identify negotiating points and make the selection process transparent and inclusive.

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Improve the quality of your hires, run better interviews, reduce “wrong hires” and protect yourself from lawsuits.

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Product features prioritization

Quickly and easily identify features that add value for your customers, that differentiate you and that minimize risk.

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