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PMO Strategies - Laura Barnard

Whether you need PMO training programs to self-implement, or hands-on consulting to drive IMPACT in your organization through project management capability, PMO Strategies will help you Get.It.Done.

Based in: USA

The PMO Squad - Joe Pusz

The PMO Squad is one of the leading PMO & Project Management Consulting firms in the United States, and is singularly focused on helping companies deliver projects better.  

Based in: USA

The PMO Professionals

The PMO Professionals can talk the talk AND walk the walk. When it comes to starting, improving, or running a PMO, they have done it many times and will work with you to deliver PMO success.

Based in: UK

Brivalo - TransparentChoice Partner in Sweden

As specialist consultants in agile requirements management, testing and quality assurance, Brivalo ensure that their clients digital investments maintain the quality they demand, from initial idea to creating and developing systems with real value. 

Based in: Sweden

Leapman - Pedro Balsa

Leapman is a strategic consulting firm dedicated to the management of the complete project life cycle. Using a wide range of methodologies, the experienced team at Leapman believe in a customised solution for each client and each project.

Based in: Spain

We Grow Minds - Dr Mona Zoughaib

The team of internationally experienced consultants at We Grow Minds empower individuals & organizations with the cutting-edge tools, knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.  

Based in: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon

IntelliPortfolio - Claudia Schulte

Intelliportfolio provide bespoke portfolio prioritisation solutions for public sector organisations. Combining personal experience with cutting edge decision science and AI software, they will ensure that you maximise the outcome from your strategic delivery portfolios.

Based in: UK

Project Management United - Edita Kemzuraite

Project Management United are pioneering the transformative journey from traditional to modern and sustainable project management and PMO practices. They provide consulting, mentoring, and professional tailored events, connecting projectized people and technologies for better results.

Based in: Lithuania

Pledge Consulting - Louise Gardner

Helping organisations get better project and portfolio outcomes, Pledge Consulting offer expertise in delivering high-performing PMOs, supporting projects, and uplifting Project Management capability.

Based in: Australia

TP Global Business Consulting - Dr Tony Prensa

Working to help organizations realize their vision and mission by implementing innovative project management practices in a cost-effective way, TP Global Business Consulting leverage their expertise to enable your success.

Based in: USA

PMOExpert - Gregor Androjna

The PMOExpert supercharges your strategy delivery and project portfolio management, ensuring the highest ROI and value for your organization. They achieve this by expertly establishing or optimizing PMO functions, empowering clients with best practices to thrive.

Based in: Slovenia

Fortezza Consulting - Mike Hannan

Fortezza Consulting helps Fortune 500 companies and large public-sector organizations improve the performance of their project portfolios—dramatically! 

They aim to convert your PMO from a cost center into a “Profit Maximization Engine”.

Based in: USA

S Direction - Muaeyd Al Dhamin

S Direction apply a scientific management approach which assists clients to increase their profitability, maximize the effectiveness of their engagement, and minimize their deficiencies in order to achieve organizational objectives. 

Based in: Saudi Arabia

PYO Zirvesi - Mustafa Hafizoglu

With 25 years of Project/Program Management experience, Mustafa Hafizoğlu is an expert in seeing the big picture, decomposing it into the project level, and leading teams to achieve the organization's strategic goals via projects and programs. 

Based in: Turkey

Partner - Roberto Camanho

Prof. Roberto Camanho is an Award-winning decision-making researcher, specializing in implementing AHP based decision making. Using his experience of directing more than 100 projects using AHP, Roberto delivers training & consulting for executive leaders & PMOs.

Based in: Brazil

Turnberry Premiere - Gerald J. Leonard

Turnberry Premiere is led by a PMI certified Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) and helps organizations "Develop a Culture That Works." They help organizations and individuals to deliver the Right Projects the Right Way.

Based in: USA

Polar Analytics - Clemens Dempers

Polar Analytics help to solve technical, business and engineering problems by using cutting edge tools in Data Science, Simulation Modelling and Optimization.

Based in: Finland



Deepteam - David Dunning

Deepteam is a network of top-class partners and associates that exists to deliver Governance, Strategy, Portfolio, Programme, Product and Project Management solutions.

Based in: UK

Orgshift Solutions - Chris Carter

Orgshift Solutions help clients from all sectors – non-profit, private and public sector – design and deliver strategic & operational decision-making, value-driven transformation programs, and breakthrough group collaboration.

Based in: Canada

Mainstay Consulting - Peter Wardle

As a specialist Technology and Business Transformation consultancy, Mainstay Consulting successfully deliver complex, technology-based, transformation programmes and have a wealth of experience in what works well – and what doesn’t!

Based in: UK


Oriri Partnership - Lisa Wheatcroft

Specialists in strategic change management, The Oriri Partnership works with industry leaders to identify and overcome strategic challenges to drive the change needed to transform business performance.

Based in: UK

Proactive by Design - David Santineer

Proactive by Design equip individuals, teams, organisations and communities with the mindsets and skillsets for effective benefits realisation through change across five areas of impact: purpose, profit, people, planet and personal outcomes.

Based in: UK

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