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Project prioritization

Are you working on projects that deliver maximum value?

Project prioritization is a process for selecting the initiatives you should do in order to maximize the VALUE you deliver to the organization with your limited resources.

Why project prioritization matters

6 reasons to focus on project prioritization

Organizations that invest in strategic prioritization deliver 40% more value.

Projects that are well aligned with strategy are 54% more likely to succeed.

A good project prioritization process saves time needed to select portfolio.

Better alignment leads to fewer obsolete projects.

Resources can be more effectively allocated during implementation.

Project teams are able to make better in-project decisions.

When to fix project prioritization

6 signs that you may need to improve project prioritization

Most of your projects are top priority.

Projects are obsolete before they are finished.

High project failure rates.

Project selection process is not transparent.

You don't have clear project prioritization criteria.

Your departments set their own priorities.

Project prioritization process

Leverage decision-science (Analytic Hierarchy Process) to make your project prioritization process structured and collaborative.

Define value

You can’t maximize VALUE if it is not defined. This means spending time with the leadership team clearly and explicitly defining what the goals and drivers are. It ultimately takes the form of weighted criteria.

Score projects

You want relevant experts to assess the different aspects of a project, a financial analyst to assess NPV while a senior project manager assesses risk. You don't want is a bunch of executives sitting in a room making random judgments.

Project prioritization complementaries

Project prioritization is an important step but there is more you can do to maximize value of your portfolio.

Project requests

Reduce the amount of low-value admin work by capturing project requests online.

Portfolio balancing

Balance lets you better manage risk, ensure that all stakeholders get what they need.


Create a fully resourced master plan, one that takes account of project priorities, dependencies and resources.