5 Steps to Double the ROI From Your Portfolio

Part 5: Project Staggering

This is the fifth video of our mini-course on how to double the strategic ROI from your project portfolio.

Starting all projects at once leads to resource bottlenecks and slows down delivery.  Staggering the schedule to optimize the burden on key resources speeds up delivery and frees up capacity. 

Here, we show the benefits of better scheduling and how AI can help get you quickly to the optimal scheduling plan to maximize ROI. 

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Watch a Case Study

Mike Welch Case Study

To see a real life example of the improved returns these techniques can bring, watch our case study video in which Mike Welch from the American Planning Association (APA) details the transformative journey that the APA embarked on to significantly enhance the performance and value of their PMO - known as the Strategy Delivery Office. Mike is joined by Laura Barnard, CEO of PMO Strategies, who with her dedicated team played a pivotal role in guiding the APA through this evolutionary process. 

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