Analytic Hierarchy Process

The structured and transparent way of making decisions

With AHP your decision becomes the step-by-step process, which simplifies decision-making, enables collaboration and improves the quality of decisions

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Why use Analytic Hierarchy Process for decision-making?

AHP structures your decisions, enables collaboration and can be used to make various decisions

Structured decisions

AHP allows you to structure your decision into the step-by-step process. Which means that instead of working on vague decision you work on a few well-defined tasks.

Enabled collaboration

With AHP you can collaborate on decisions. Assign tasks to participants that reflect their expertise and role in the decision-making process.

Variety of applications

AHP can be used for various decisions. It lets good decision making become part of your everyday work; part of your culture.

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Decision with Analytic Hierarchy Process

See how to turn your decision into the step-by-step process


Define alternatives

Define the complete list of alternatives. Alternatives are things from which you choose, such as projects, vendors, technologies or candidates.


Organize criteria

Brainstorm and organize your decision-making criteria. When you collaborate on decision, make sure that stakeholders understand and buy into your criteria.


Build surveys

In AHP people express their opinions with pairwise comparisons. The surveys containing pairwise comparisons are usually generated by AHP software.


Collect input

Participants fill surveys. Often, it makes sense to customize surveys and ask participants only for judgments related to their expertise.


Check consistency

AHP-based software can check consistency of comparisons, which helps to identify potential problems with the low quality of judgements.


Find group values

Find the common values of comparisons for the whole group. These might be consensus-based values or averages from collected judgements.


Ranking of alternatives

As a result of the process you get the ranking of alternatives. You may see final scores of alternatives and also the distribution of scores on various criteria.


Weights of criteria

Another result from the process are weights of criteria. Criteria weights represent priorities of people that participated in the decision.


Sensitivity analysis

Check how the ranking of alternatives changes when criteria weights change. Sometimes, even small changes in weights lead to a different ranking.

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