Project Prioritization Software

Project prioritization is the foundation for portfolio management. Good prioritization lets you focus on delivering strategic impact, fix the “too many projects” problem and more effectively plan your resources.


TransparentChoice’s software is based on decision science and research into what actually works... so it actually works!

Benefits of Improving Project Prioritization

Icon - Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment

Strategic impact is the whole point of doing projects. Get alignment wrong and you might as well not bother!
Icon - No More “Too Many Projects”

No More “Too Many Projects”

Overworked people make mistakes and mistakes cost money. Overloading your team is a false economy.
Icon - Clear Resource Allocation

Clear Resource Allocation

Deciding which projects should get those scarce resources is a lot easier when you have clear prioritization.
Icon - Your Portfolio is Deliverable

Your Portfolio is Deliverable

50% of projects are not properly resourced (PMI). A good prioritization process lets you fix this.
Icon - Faster Prioritization Decisions

Faster Prioritization Decisions 

Slow prioritization decisions are a drag on your organization. Imagine slashing your prioritization cycle in half!
Icon - Agile Response to Change

Agile Response to Change

When something changes, good prioritization lets you respond quickly. It's key to being an agile organization!
Icon - Fewer Failed Projects

Fewer Failed Projects

Good prioritization boosts strategic alignment and aligned projects are 57% more likely to succeed!
Icon - Execs Buy in to Your Portfolio

Execs Buy in to Your Portfolio

A robust prioritization process boosts buy-in from your execs so you can say "No!" to all those "back door" projects. 
Icon - More On-budget Projects

More On-budget Projects

Well prioritized projects, ones that support your strategy, are 45% less likely to go over budget.

How it works

TransparentChoice is based on decades of research into project prioritization. It’s designed to help you select portfolios that deliver real impact… fast!

Step 01

Secure Stakeholder Engagement

Great deployments start with a commitment to delivering change, from senior leaders to subject matter experts. But good news… this is a lot more fun than your normal planning process.

Step 02

Build an AHP Model 

Decompose your goals into criteria using AHP best practice, then complete a pairwise review to quantify relative importance. Built-in algorithms generate a policy framework against which competing projects will be scored.

Step 03

Collect Data

Combine qualitative and quantitative data to complete scoring. Surveys, data import, automated notifications, custom forms, and a dynamic Kanban make this process simple. This approach will give you a high quality, low noise, low bias model.

Step 04

Deliver Results

All projects are now systematically quantified, so it’s time to drive value from the data. Overlay cost to generate an efficient frontier, create resource buckets to optimise capacity and generate easy to read reports to keep folks in the loop.

Why Transparentchoice?

Boost Strategic Alignment

Better aligning your projects with your business goals means less waste and more value.


TransparentChoice helps capture your strategic goals as a set of weighted criteria. Crucially, the process is driven by decision-science so is both efficient and effective.


The output is a set a weighted criteria that represent strategic direction and that can be used to score projects, making it easy to identify those projects that add real value and those that don’t.

Boost strategic alignment with transparentchoice

Get Control of Your Portfolio

Know where your projects are and what resources you have to deliver them. 


Our customizable Kanban lets you collect all your projects in one place. Set stage-gates and collect information from team-members.  You can see what budget you have left or even what resources you're consuming so you're always in control.

control your portfolio with transparentchoice (2)

Too Many Projects? Never Again!

Clear reports let you balance your workload with your capacity.


Clear reporting dashboards let you see which projects deliver the most value-for-money, how much money you've committed and, crucially, how much resource you're consuming... all on one page!


This lets you make data-driven decisions about what NOT to do, balancing your desire to deliver value with your ability to deliver.

pick right projects with transparentchoice

Move Prioritization Online

Collect and manage projects online to make prioritization transparent and efficient.


Online forms to request projects, surveys to collect data from stakeholders, collaboration tools to build consensus... this knocks the "Magic Prioritization Spreadsheet" into next week!


Not only does moving online make you more efficient, but the inclusive, transparent process helps build trust and buy-in from your team.

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Make Your Leadership Happy!

Give your leadership team what they want most; real insight and control.


Our collaborative software helps the leadership control how projects are scored. Our reporting gives them insight into value for money, resource constraints, risk and more.


For the leadership team, this translates into a system that's both efficient and trustworthy. It means they have real data that lets them make the tough decisions about budgets, projects and resources with confidence.

happy stakeholders with transparentchoice