Value-based Project Prioritization: Getting Started

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About the webinar

James T. Brown Ph.D. is president of SEBA® Solutions Inc., and author of The Handbook of Program Management published by McGraw-Hill.

With sixteen years of NASA experience, he is a frequently invited keynote speaker on project management and leadership and tours widely delivering training to the Project Management Institute and to world-class companies such as IBM, Siemens, NASA and Royal Caribbean International.

Many PMOs and executives don't adequately focus on project prioritization. "If you're not picking the right projects, you're squandering value - so put value at the heart of the process!"

During this webinar, Dr Brown will:

  • Set out the need for prioritization as an integral part of good program management

  • Define a value-based framework for effective project prioritization

  • Give you concrete steps you can follow today to implement better project prioritization

  • Set out the best tools to support prioritization

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