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Enterprise Decision-Making Tools

Good decision-making across the organization and great financial performance go hand-in-hand. TransparentChoice gives your teams, your managers, your executives and your board better tools to make decisions, aligned decisions, decisions with impact.

Decision Effectiveness

Based on decades of decision science, TransparentChoice provides tools that support all the key decisions across the enterprise.

Templates allow you to capture and share best practice across the enterprise and to help ensure decisions align with corporate goals and strategy.

The tool-kit ranges from simple decision-making screen to applications supporting your most important business processes such as strategic planning.

Decision Efficiency

Effective communication and collaboration is at the heart of good decision-making.

TransparentChoice for Enterprise is built around structured collaboration that drives decisions quickly and with a high degree of buy-in.

TransparentChoice not only makes the decision stronger, but it also enables clearer governance and oversight of major decisions.

Your decisions become, well, transparent.

Total Solution

TransparentChoice is a platform for decision-making across the enterprise.

This means that you can tailor-build applications around some of your key decision-processes, integrating key data and leveraging expertise from across your organization and beyond.

In fact, our ecosystem of consulting partners can help you transform your processes, improve your effectiveness and get results you never dreamed possible.