Strategic Alignment Software

Can I Boost Strategic Alignment?


The whole point of delivering projects is to help the organization achieve its strategic goals, but the link between the strategy you want and the projects you execute is often unclear.


TransparentChoice software helps align your project portfolio with your strategy, and does it quickly.

Strategic Alignment helps...

Icon - Boost Value Creation

Boost Value Creation

Identify the projects that add the most value and ensure resources are aligned with strategic goals.
Icon - Make Resourcing Decisions

Make Resourcing Decisions

Having a clear picture of which projects add most value is invaluable when making those tough resource decisions.
Icon - Eliminate Waste

Eliminate Waste

20% of projects in a typical portfolio are so badly aligned that they are waste. That’s like shutting down for one day a week!
Icon - Focus Project Delivery

Focus Project Delivery

When you put strategic value at the heart of project delivery the focus shifts from tasks to business value – result!
Icon - Implement Benefits Realization

Implement Benefits Realization

Benefits realization begins with quantifying and documenting the strategic value expected of a project.
Icon - Deliver Projects On Time

Deliver Projects On Time

Projects that are aligned with strategy are 50% more likely to be delivered on time… and time is money!
Icon - Reduce Politics

Reduce Politics

If you can measure strategic alignment, project selection is no longer a game of "my project is better than yours!"
Icon - The PMO Add Real Value

The PMO Add Real Value

Giving your leadership team a clear, trusted measure of strategic alignment is the best gift ever!
Icon - Reduce Cost Overruns

Reduce Cost Overruns

Projects that are aligned to strategy are 45% more likely to finish on budget. That translates into quite a saving.

Strategic Alignment is a Competitive Advantage!

Researchers have been beavering away and the results are in –  strategic alignment has a massive effect on the overall performance of your company. It explains up to 90% of the difference between the best and worst performers*.


*THE IMPACT OF STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT ON THE PERFORMANCE OF PUBLIC ORGANISATIONS, Brunel University London / Strategic alignment: A missing link in the relationship between strategic consensus and organizational performance.

Step 01

Secure Stakeholder Engagement 

Great deployments start with a commitment to delivering change, from senior leaders to subject matter experts. But good news… this is a lot more fun than your normal planning process.

Step 02

Build an AHP Model 

Decompose your goals into criteria using AHP best practice, then complete a pairwise review to quantify relative importance. Built-in algorithms generate a policy framework against which competing projects will be scored.

Step 03

Collect Data

Combine qualitative and quantitative data to complete scoring. Surveys, data import, automated notifications, custom forms, and a dynamic Kanban make this process simple. This approach will give you a high quality, low noise, low bias model.

Step 04

Deliver Results

All projects are now systematically quantified, so it’s time to drive value from the data. Overlay cost to generate an efficient frontier, create resource buckets to optimise capacity and generate easy to read reports to keep folks in the loop.

Why TransparentChoice?

Make your Strategy Measurable

TransparentChoice uses AHP to convert strategic intent into weighted criteria.


TransparentChoice’s collaboration software uses the power of decision-science to aggregate competing opinions across your leadership group.

Our powerful, real-time online meetings then help get stakeholders aligned in a way that is as effective as it is fun. The results let you clearly communicate the key components of your strategy.

Make your Strategy Measurable

Strategy that Drives Better Ideation

Use TransparentChoice to empower your team to propose projects that deliver your strategy.


Your weighted criteria represent your strategic goals, so why not use them to issue ideation challenges?

Use criteria to initiate a challenge something like this: "Our most important strategic goal is X. Every department come up with 3 ideas to move the needle on X!" Then sit back and watch the ideas roll in via our online ideation pages!

TransparentChoice strategic alignment software

Sustainable Strategic Advantage

TransparentChoice lets you score projects based on their contribution to your strategy.


Consistently delivering a high-value portfolio leads to a huge benefit over time.


Our data visualization lets you identify the projects that deliver maximum impact and optimize your portfolio. Real-time shareable links keep stakeholders informed and increase participation

Transparentchoice strategic alignment software

Strategy and Agility

Respond quickly to change, take advantage of opportunity and avoid disaster.


Simply re-run the criteria weighting to reflect the new reality and boom-"you can see which projects have become more important and which you should now stop." Quickly. No fuss.

When new projects emerge or there's a step-change in innovation, TransparentChoice lets you score them and immediately see how they compare with your existing portfolio.

strategy and agility with transparentchoice

Reduce Noise and Bias, Increase Impact

TransparentChoice helps reduce noise and bias in the data that you use when selecting projects.


Scoring projects against your strategic goals is tricky. It involves making judgements about the impact of each project against each criterion... and these judgements are undermined by random noise and blind-spots.


TransparentChoice software supports a process designed to help reduce noise and bias in these judgements through collaborative scoring. This approach was recently set out in a book by Nobel Laureate, Daniel Kahneman as a great way to improve your data quality.

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