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Make Decision-Making a Team Sport


Decision makers traditionally choose between being efficient and getting people involved in the process. AHP-driven software means you can now choose both.


TransparentChoice helps you make faster more inclusive decisions.

Collaborative Decision Making will...

Icon - Simplify Complex Decisions

Simplify Complex Decisions

Multi-criteria models transform complex decisions into a series of clear, structured questions.
Icon - Better consultation, less risk

Better consultation, less risk

By systematically involving stakeholders in your decision, you boost buy-in, reduce risk and speed up the execution of your project.
Icon - Speed-up slow decisions

Speed-up slow decisions

Faster decisions mean more agility and lower risk. With TransparentChoice, speed doesn't compromise quality. 
Icon - Get value from your experts

Get value from your experts

You need to get insight from your people – even the quiet ones. Target data collection with TransparentChoice to make this easy.
Icon - Reduce Noise, Bias & Gaming

Reduce Noise, Bias & Gaming

Humans change their minds, make mistakes and don’t appreciate others’ points of view. This is why humans need TransparentChoice.
Icon - Make meetings work

Make meetings work

Streamline meetings, replacing caffeine fueled frustration with technology enabled collaboration.
Icon - End analysis paralysis

End ‘analysis paralysis’

Successful decisions merge subjective data, modelled data and hard data - combining them into one model makes this possible.
Icon - Defend your decisions

Defend your decisions

Make controversial decisions more inclusive & data-led to ensure you can justify outcomes.
Icon - Support multiple use-cases

Support multiple use-cases

Adds value to prioritization, procurement, process design, risk management, policy development...

Why TransparentChoice?

Break complex goals into components

Many decisions are too complex for one person to make well, even the most brilliant CEO! They need to be broken down into manageable components, joined by data and informed by subject matter experts.

Use TransparentChoice to build criteria from high-level goals, map them into sub-criteria, and use Pairwise to add weights. This gives you a policy framework to assess competing options.

Strategy + Precision = Winning!

high level criteria in transparentchoice software

Better Consultation, Less Risk

A lack of buy-in can delay your decision which can then derail your whole project


TransparentChoice lets you include stakeholders in building the decision-making framework, so they know it’s fair. Then involve them in scoring alternatives to make it their decision, something they are far more likely to accept.


Participation + Fairness = Commitment to Action

pairwise surveys in transparentchoice software

Speed Up Slow Decisions

  • We’ll get together (again) and make a final call... but cannot agree.
  • We need sign off from finance before we go ahead. But don’t get it.
  • We need to go back and add a new scenario from the boss. Again.
  • The business changed its mind, so we need a new roadmap. Again.

It all adds up to hours lost debating, weeks lost prevaricating and dollars lost under-performing.


TransparentChoice can help. Our whole process is designed to inject velocity by starting with senior alignment, building stakeholder buy-in, and then forcing issues to be resolved.

deliver results with transparentchoice

Get Value from Your Experts

Companies’ most valuable assets used to sit on their balance sheets. They now sit on chairs. Getting the best from your people means asking them the right questions and then listening to their replies. 

TransparentChoice will help you do exactly this. Targeted surveys give them the chance to share. Get your experts together, resolve disagreements and find an answer that makes sense.


Aggregated Expertise + Structured Listening = Brilliant Decisions


Group 214

Reduce Noise, Bias & Gaming

When asked to make judgements, people disagree wildly, even when presented with identical data. Sometimes they even disagree with themselves. The causes are a mix of cynical and innate human behaviors… while the solution is TransparentChoice


Invite multiple people to complete surveys independently, then have them come together. Focus on areas of disagreement. Talk about the logic for each vote. Learn from one another, then use an average score to ensure that there is always a conclusion.


Humans + TransparentChoice = Smarter Humans

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Make Meetings Work

Have you ever sat in a meeting and just wanted to scream?

  • Perhaps you got ignored in favor of louder colleagues. 
  • Perhaps it was hours listening to something where you added no value.
  • Perhaps it was that nice meeting where you spent hours agreeing but made no progress.

With TransparentChoice you can have brilliant meetings that focus on areas of mis-alignment. Get the right people to talk about the things that matter. Make real time changes to votes and ensure you never leave without resolution.


Focus + Structure =  Productive Participation


review sessions using transparentchoice software

End ‘analysis paralysis’

Today’s executives are data rich, but this can lead to conflicting signals… so they just "uses their gut" - not ideal!


In contrast, TransparentChoice lets you create a structured model which identifies the factors that matter most, and then find the right data to answer that question. Data can be objective or subjective, and generated by a large group or a single expert. The key is to ask the right questions then let technology do the work.


Structure + Data = Action

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Defend your Decisions

Big decisions often come with intense scrutiny. This means you must show your decision was rational, fair and thorough. This is especially true for government agencies with public accountability.


TransparentChoice provides this governance solution. You can now quantify exactly why you made the decision, with detailed scores and data about the options you considered. You can also document who made each call, and point to an inclusive process with multiple contributors.


Documentation+ Transparency = Governance

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Support multiple use-cases

TransparentChoice is a flexible tool that can support your organization in many ways. Prioritization, procurement, process design, risk management, and policy development are just a few of the applications where our software helped clients make better decisions. 


Whether you're applying the Efficient Frontier to prioritize projects or you're drilling into sensitivity analysis to evaluate government policy, TransparentChoice has the Decision Science and the Data Visualization you need to make brilliant decisions.


You + Us = :)

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