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TransparentChoice lets you deliver more business value from your portfolio by picking the best projects, ones that make maximum use of available resources

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How we help plan your portfolio

From project request to optimized and resourced portfolio

Capture project requests

Reduce the amount of low-value admin work by capturing project requests online. TransparentChoice lets you manage the evaluation and approval process all in one place. Online collaboration ensures you always have the latest version of the data while you document the business case.

Unlike typical PPM solutions, TransparentChoice leverages advanced decision-science to help stakeholders make data-driven decisions. Stakeholders see which projects add the most value and why. The result is a set of prioritized projects that deliver more value to the business.

Balance portfolio

Powerful reporting lets you deliver a balanced portfolio. Balance lets you better manage risk, ensure that all stakeholders get what they need and, ultimately, it ensures stronger support for your project portfolio.

Schedule projects

A balanced portfolio means nothing if you can’t implement it. Unlike typical PPM solutions, the TransparentChoice solution will automatically create a fully resourced master plan, one that takes account of project dependencies, in just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Project Portfolio Micro-Apps

Micro-apps are simplified versions of our enterprise products. Sign up for free and get access to:

Portfolio Kanban Micro-App

Eliminate spreadsheets from your project request process. Save time by moving the project request and project documentation process online.

Project Prioritization Micro-App

Intended for use by small portfolio managers, this app lets you identify the projects that add the most value.

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