Value-add Decision-making Case Study: Dean Fowler


"Customer couldn't believe how quickly they were able to make the decision. They were able to get everybody aligned with really clear robust and defensible analysis all in around three weeks. This compares to the typical way of working with which would take two to three months and end up with a 100-200 page document that, paradoxically, was less clear and less transparent." 
During COVID lockdown we interviewed Founder of Edgemar Consulting, Dean Fowler, about his experience with TransparentChoice to make a Euro 200m decision. 
The result?  
  • Decision cycle compressed from months to 3 weeks
  • Wide buy-in from the stakeholders
  • Reduced risks 
  • Clear and transparent decision which would have got lost in 100-200 page document
  • User friendly interface and graphical representation made the process rapid and easy