Fortezza Consulting

Geography covered: Worldwide

Fortezza Consulting helps Fortune 500 companies and large public-sector organizations improve the performance of their project portfolios—dramatically. Our client list includes Microsoft, Intel, Delta Air Lines, Mercedes-Benz, Federal and State government agencies, and more.

We Help:

  • Jack up the reliable throughput of project completions—often by 2X or more—by optimizing portfolio execution according to the biggest resource constraints, and then boosting the flow of task-level completions through those constraints.
  • Select higher-impact projects with stronger group consensus on both the selection process and its value-focused results.
  • Maximize impact/ROI during execution by re-optimizing the triple constraint for each project, and impact/ROI for the portfolio as a whole.
  • Provide training, coaching, and mentoring on all of the above so that you are fully capable of sustaining the performance improvements, and of pushing for ever-higher performance levels in the future.

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) maturity assessments
  • Rapid improvement cycles—usually 3 months or less

  • Converting your PMO from a cost center into a “Profit Maximization Engine” (PME) or “Impact Maximization Engine” (IME)

  • Selection of PPM, Task/Kanban Board, and Project-selection tools
  • Integrating and harmonizing Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), Lean/Kanban, Agile/Scrum, and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) methods for maximum impact