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Org Shift

Transforming how organizations change

Today's realities demand innovative and creative approaches to decision-making, transformation, and collaboration.

orgshift solutions inc. helps clients from all sectors – non-profit, private and public sector – design and deliver strategic and operational decision-making, value-driven transformation programs, and breakthrough group collaboration performance. orgshift can help you with:

Virtual Group Facilitation & Decision-Making

Now more than ever, we need to discuss critical issues and make hard decisions, but let's face it ... most video meetings today are tedious and tiresome. There are more productive and cost-effective ways, which reduce risk, increase meaningful participation, respect peoples’ time and ability to contribute, and actually produce a better set of outputs and business outcomes? Let us help you design and facilitate a smart and engaging multi-step group interaction process to make better decisions, while using some really cool tools and techniques to break your assumptions about what groups can achieve together.

Business Transformation Portfolio and Program Delivery

Business transformations are successful when they are designed, managed and governed in a disciplined and robust manner. Portfolio Management focuses on the selection, rationalization and control of programs and projects meant to support the strategy and vision of an organization. Program Management attempts to capture the synergies and value among groups of projects, whereas Project Management is concerned with executing individual projects in the most efficient and effective way possible. Let us help you select and design your business transformation approach, including the implementation and management of enterprise offices and tools to drive transformation through your organization.

Value Management

Unfortunately, most transformation efforts fail to deliver the expected value. In our experience, clients only realize the expected value of transformation investments when performance management is embedded in the transformation governance model. Value Management is a formal, disciplined approach to helping organizations define, manage, and more confidently capture tangible value, either delivered from business transformation or created through operations and continuous improvement efforts. Let us help you apply value management approaches and tools to your large-scale transformation programs.