AHP software for academics

Over 700 academic institutions have used our software for learning, teaching, and research and we love to support the academic endeavor.

While our commercial software costs between $5,000 and $150,000, we understand that this is beyond the reach of most academics. We have, therefore, created two heavily subsidized offers for academics.


  • Individual Student - $500: This offer is idea for post-grad students working on their thesis where AHP plays a role. $500 gets access to our full commercial software for use during their current post-grad course.
  • Departmental Subscription - $1,500: This offer is designed to support a department and gives you the right to use the software for teaching and research purposes within your department for a 12-month period.


In both cases, the software cannot be used on projects where there is material "commercial value" being delivered. For example, if your research project ends up with a recommendation for a government or company to take a particular course of action, that would constitute "commercial value".
If you'd like to move forward with a purchase, please fill in the following information and email it to preeti@transparentchoice.com 

Your Name:
Your University:
Your Department:
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We will then send you an invoice for your selected product and, upon payment, we will set you up in the software.

Thanks again for your interest in TransparentChoice's AHP software.