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Best Practice

Getting Started with our software means preparing your organization for change.


In this video we'll cover:

  • Why AHP is the right solution to help deliver your change process
  • An overview of how the software works, and what to expect from it
  • The team you'll need lined up to deliver the project
  • The importance of stakeholder alignment to delivering a good outcome
  • Decide on portfolio structure so you know how many models to build

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Software User Guide

See the software end-end-end with this quick overview of key functionality.

In this video we'll share an end-to-end view of the software. Watch this... then you can start playing with the software yourself. Contact me if you'd like any of the models or templates from this demo.

Please note that for Prioritization use Create Portfolio option to get started. Make Decision is for pick a winner AHP decision making.



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Micro-Demo: Dan's Dinner

See how to use the software for an everyday decision - where to order your pizza.


In this video we'll see criteria in action, figuring out what matters when we want to order in a pizza. We can't offer you dinner... but we hope this gives you food for thought about important decisions you can use the software to help you make more effectively.

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