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Deepteam was formed in 2018 to be a network of top-class partners and associates. Deepteam exists to deliver Governance, Strategy, Portfolio, Programme, Product and Project Management solutions. We engage executives and senior managers to help them understand their current strategy information and operating models so that consensus to improve can be reached, and changes can be implemented to alleviate agreed strategy delivery pains.


Our people are either freelance specialists who lead in their fields and can advise, guide coach and mentor client staff members, or are highly experienced contractors who can fill temporary roles. We use the Business Integrated Governance Framework to organise what we do and how we do it, and plug in technology, methods and models from best practice providers as appropriate. We offer programme management to define and deliver change. Talk to us – we listen.

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Deepteam's Partnership with TransparentChoice

Combining cutting edge prioritization technology with high level business consulting to deliver change

Key aspects to the solutions Deepteam offers are information, data and enabling technology. These are vital to support integrated governance and the connection of strategy to delivery. An essential part of the information model needs to be a reliable source of data for making priority calls. Deepteam recommends TransparentChoice as a partner to provide data and information solutions that underpin systematic prioritisation, with outstanding technology capabilities and a complete appreciation of the importance of senior stakeholder engagement.


Similarly, key aspects needed for driving success using the software solutions TransparentChoice offers can be addressed by the high level business consulting (governance, organisation design, strategy design and implementation) offered by Deepteam.


Like many business connections TransparentChoice and Deepteam are separate organisations with unconnected ownership, but they share the same perspective on the importance of prioritisation and can be relied upon to provide superb client focus on common engagements.


2023 Event Programme - The challenges of strategy delivery (...and how to improve it)

Deepteam invites you to participate in their spring & summer 2023 event programme around the subject of Strategy Delivery.

The goal of the event programme is to help organisations improve strategy delivery, strengthening capabilities for the longer term.

Deepteam want to help organisations realise that strategy delivery is not something that can be improved from just one business area, through one particular perspective, or in one simple step.


The free programme starts with the launch of a white paper and runs a series of live online webinar events featuring a variety of expert speakers, throughout spring and summer 2023. 


Our VP of customer success, Dan Dures, will be a speaker joining Deepteam director David Dunning to lead the 15 March event "Accountability - impossible without systematic prioritisation?".

This session will explore:


- the importance of accountability to strategy delivery

- how to spot when prioritisation isn't working

- challenges in balancing the cascade of prioritisation

- translating objectives and targets into usable scoring

- an example scenario

- possible first steps to improve your prioritisation & accountability

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