The Power of Prioritization:

Drive Strategic Alignment
Eliminate Waste
Reduce Project Failure Rates

Projects that are aligned to strategy are 57% more likely to achieve their stated business goals.
Defining strategic goals CLEARLY is the FIRST step towards delivering a high performing portfolio.

It starts with getting agreement on what strategic alignment means - and this is where spreadsheets and PPM tools typically fail.
Project Prioritzer from TransparentChoice allows PMO leaders and executives to define strategic goals without bias and to identify high value projects that are aligned with strategy.
Since projects that are aligned are 57% more likely to achieve their business goals, high quality project prioritization helps decision makers select the winners and maximize the value delivered.
Improve project success
Reduce Politics
(Agreed Value)
Make Quicker Decisions
Eliminate pet projects
Identify waste
Do You Have Too
Many Projects?
Business Case
7 Signs You Need
Project Prioritization
Project Prioritizer by TransparentChoice