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Software that leverages group knowledge to build the understanding, alignment and confidence to enable better decisions and outcomes.


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TransparentChoice Decision-Making Software
TransparentChoice Decision-Making Software

Why teams use TransparentChoice

How you make and communicate decisions matters

Making a Decision

By exploiting your team’s diversity, eliminating politics and structuring the decision process, your decision is quicker, easier and plain better.

Getting Approval

Decisions made with TransparentChoice are... transparent. They are easier to explain, are backed up by numbers, and this saves you time and simplifies the approval process.


TransparentChoice makes decisions both inclusive and transparent. This builds buy-in and confidence and when stakeholders are bought in, projects turn out better.

Improved Outcomes

It's not really about decisions, it's about outcomes. The combination of better decisions and stronger implementation will transform your outcomes.

What is your decision about?

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Project prioritization

Projects that are aligned with strategy are 54% more likely to succeed. TransparentChoice delivers this alignment, getting you more value from your portfolio.

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Procurement decisions

Procurement decisions involve trade-offs between both stakeholders and business drivers. TransparentChoice helps you make the best decision within this context, making it transparent, delivering more value to the business.

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Technology selection

Picking the right technology or design can be complex and can have long-lasting effects. TransparentChoice helps your team balance technical and organizational factors, leading to better outcomes.

R&D Pipeline

Your R&D portfolio is one of the most strategic assets you have. TransparentChoice helps you directly compare research programs and select a portfolio that better supports the needs of the business.

Strategy development

TransparentChoice helps you evaluate your strategic options, letting you pick an effective set of strategies to achieve your goals.

Site/Route selection

TransparentChoice helps you make a transparent assessment of the options. You team will be able to more quickly find a route or location that offers a good trade-off between the factors you and your stakeholders care about.

Public consultation

Diverse stakeholders often have different priorities and goals. TransparentChoice helps you understand these priorities and then helps you weigh your options in light of stakeholder input.

Market research

If you can understand the priorities your customers have when making a buying decision, you can tailor your product to meet those priorities. TransparentChoice helps you both discover customers' real priorities and select product features that best meet those priorities.

Oil & gas / mineral exploration

TransparentChoice helps you combine different factors into a prioritization and scoring model that will help you pick the best exploration sites for your particular business.

Candidate selection

Hiring the wrong person is expensive. There are direct costs to replace them, and there are opportunity costs for the time wasted on the wrong person. TransparentChoice helps you make better hiring decisions leading to more "good hires".


By helping define clear corporate priorities, and then giving managers and executives the ability to compare different action-plans in light of these priorities, TransparentChoice helps you develop a consistent budget more quickly.

Developing priorities

Having clear priorities helps an organization coordinate action and decisions. TransparentChoice helps you define, clarify and publish your priorities in a way that allows managers across the business to use them in their daily decision-making.

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Decision making with TransparentChoice

We deliver process and software to collaborate on decisions


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Why choose TransparentChoice?

Affordable, accessible decision making software


No need to meet face to face. At the airport, at home, in the office. On your laptop, tablet or smartphone, simply log on to collaborate on your next great decision.


Whether you're a student or the United Nations, there's a plan for you. Pay as your usage grows, grow as you succeed.

Easy to use

Software that's designed for business users, not computer geeks (tho' they're welcome too!). Tutorials by normal people, for normal people. Support when you need it.


Our partners bring expertise and experience. They can get you moving quickly with a decision model or they can help you manage more complex and "political" decisions.

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